We provide unique set of capabilities that delivers desired outcomes for our customers.
Stay ahead of industry shifts and benefit from our insight on digital transformation and strategy design.
Every business must continuously transform to survive. We help them with the roadmap.
Industry shifts and disruptions are the new norm. Businesses that are not agile will find it difficult to keep up. New business and operating models are required in this digital-first world.
Our mission is to become a trusted partner with our customers in their digital transformation journey and to help them identify the capabilities and strategies required.
Dan Williams
Co-founder @Infomyne
Growth opportunities
Increase revenue from new areas and new business models outside of your old core business models.
Faster execution
Leverage innovative technologies, digital skills and tools to your advantage. Improve your time to market or time to delivery significantly.
Create Value
As new ecosystems continue to develop, become a value creator and lead transformation in your business and industry.
Create new digital business models, connect with suppliers and buyers, access global markets, and more. Features include, but not limited to:
Community Management
Innovation Management
Industry Marketplaces
Public-Private Ecosystems
Open Source Apps
We handle all that for you in a transparent, seamless and cost-effective way.
Self hosted cloud applications for the security, privacy and ownership conscious business. Start leveraging open source applications for your communication, collaboration, productivity, content managment, etc without all the headaches of configuration, deployment and hosting.
Your own 365 digital experience platform
Don't compromise your data with other platforms. Host your virtual and hybrid events on your own customizable and privately hosted platform. After all, it's your audience, your data and your modus operandi.
Virtual and Hybrid Fair Platform
Forget 2D and enter the world of 3D virtual trade fairs. Like the real world, discover exhibitors and products in real-time. It's time to transform your conventional trade fairs!
Features include and not limited to match-making, lead generation, product demos, meeting management, and so on.
AWM-player example WebRTC
3D Showroom
There's no reason why your showroom can't be open all year round! Now you can, with the embeddable digital showroom on your own site or pages.
Embed digital content such as brochures, videos, brand assets, etc in your own showroom. Customize your showroom according to your brand and style guide. Take advantage of new lead generation strategies.
Live Audio
Take your engagement to another level with live audio rooms.
Host townhalls, live demos, group discussions, roundtables, community events, etc.
You are only limited by your imagination!
Live Stream and Video Projects
Explore some of the live stream and video projects we've helped to produce. Services provided included remote capture of hosts/speakers, video mixing and editing, remote production, restreaming to multiple end points, etc.
NYC Mayoral Candidate Forum
Remote Production of The NYC Tech and Minority Women and Business Enterprises (MWBE) Mayoral Candidate Forum.
Worship Intro
Worship Intro clip consisting of a mix of background image, countdown, soundtrack, and a motion video clip.
Virtual Christmas Carol
A short clip from a Virtual Christmas Carol, remotely produced and streamed to YouTube, a Website and Zoom.
VOD - Live Streaming
Here's an example of streaming a Playlist from a self-hosted Media Server. Interested in launching your own IPTV, Live or On-demand video service? Let's discuss.
Next Event
Interactive Live Show
Join our weekly interactive live stream. Get actionable ideas on how you can transform your live events.
Corporate Events
Live Commerce / Shopping
Live Entertainment and Trivia
Learning & Development
Built in New Jersey. Operating globally.
We see no geographical or technical barriers. Our partners and customers are in local and global markets.